Hi all, this is Ratman/Ratty or whatever you know me as.
If you are someone I know and trying to reach me, my email address is

Here are my cryptocurrency addresses if you need to send me money:
Bitcoin:  1Rattyf1yPnD8s87q6TiWey4UeQiRmtWE
Litecoin: LRattyUn1bJ6UaX5XbowSLAsVUq7jdEcyy
Dogecoin: DRattyzP76ChZXN4obF7c5vFV8eeaeTKPg
If anyone wants to get into bitcoin, and are in the US, signup on coinbase.com. If you use that link, we both get a $5 referral bonus if you end up buying 1BTC. If you're outside the US, it won't let you link a bank account, so there isn't much point, but it is a decent web based wallet. Signup here.